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Rubi Malone is a do-it-all for-hire vigilante in WET for Sony PlayStation 3. WET features exciting gunplay that allows the player to take down the bad guys in many different ways. Because this is on the PlayStation 3, this realistic game bears stunning graphics, which add to the action. The gameplay in WET covers a lot of ground, spanning over three different continents, so the player never gets bored from seeing the same old scenes. Its action and cinematic format makes this PlayStation 3 game seem like a movie, especially when it goes into slow motion, adding to the overall enjoyment of it. This action game is not all about gunplay either, it includes extraordinary acrobatic moves and dramatic swordplay, which prevents its player from becoming bored with simply gunning down bad guys. Being a one-player, third person shooter-style game, it is easy for a player to get lost in his own world of taking down bad guys.

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