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Kengo Zero

Xbox 360


Kengo Zero

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Kengo Zero invites players to live and die by the sword in feudal Japan, and features nine real Samurai warriors, including Musashi Miyamoto, Jubei Yagyu and Sanako Chiba. Battles are loosely based on historical events such as the battle in Ganryujima and the invasion of the Kira mansion, and each warrior has his own history, attack techniques and upgradable attributes of health, endurance, attack and defense power. To recreate a realistic fencing experience, Kengo Zero gameplay consists of a basic combat system involving attack, blocking and breaking the guard, as well as a kumitachi system that recreates the thrill of tsuba-zemariai (where two swordsmen are locked in a clinch kumitachi sword and try to dominate each other.

Four game modes offer a range of gameplay options, the heart of the game being the storyline-advancing main mode. In this mode, select a samurai and fight your way to reach your goal. At the conclusion of a samurais story, you can save him as a character there who has traits based on his gameplay.

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