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FIFA 08 gives every football fan the opportunity to demonstrate their professional skills

Now you get closer to the action than ever before by mastering the skills required of a professional player in FIFA 08. FIFA 08 challenges you to ride from the start and act like a real player. The new manual controls on the PSP allow complete control of through and cross feeds. With PSP and NDS, you can control the goalkeeper in one-on-one situations and repel the attackers attempt yourself. You have the ability to break attacks by ordering defensive factions that ensure downstairs players are in the right places at the right time, constantly weighing threats and opportunities.

Manage your team by preparing for games using new, self-customizable patterns. Place players in specific roles and move them precisely to their right places so that their ranking is in proportion to other teammates.

In addition, FIFA 08 has 30 real stadiums, 30 official leagues and more than 14,000 players modeled on their role models.

Improved Artificial Intelligence
A new kind of defense and position logic requires a better tactical eye. Artificial intelligence ensures that players are in the right places at the right time.

Customizable Formations
Design your own strategies to create complete formations and tactics. Place each player on the field in the correct position in the figure and assign them exact roles in both attack and defense.

Comprehensive authenticity
Featuring 30 leagues, 30 real stadiums and 14,000 accurately modeled players.

controls Adjust the progress of the game with new manual controls that allow for accurate through and cross feeds. Play as a goalkeeper in one-on-one situations and block the scoring attempts yourself!

Improvements to Manager Game
Mode New features include Pre-season Friendlies where you can test your team in advance. There are also new training opportunities to help you hone your group of players. Preconceptions depend on successes - or failures.

Interactive Leagues
Play award-winning Interactive Leagues. Play with your club online against your toughest rivals throughout the season in the main leagues in England, Germany, France and Mexico. When they play, you play.

Football Quiz Test your football knowledge in the new Quiz game mode with thousands of questions about the world of football. Use the points you earn for correct answers to purchase unlockable content.

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