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SOCOM Confrontation

Playstation 3


SOCOM Confrontation

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SOCOM: Confrontation delivers the contemporary combat experience that SOCOM is known for. SOCOM: Confrontation is entirely focused on online gaming over the PLAYSTATION Network and contains full characterization of the worlds top elite forces.

Team up with other players, form teams and battle with up to 32 players simultaneously and in massive player tournaments. Customize your character and equip him with weapons from a large arsenal. Recruit others, or be recruited yourself, to an elite force formed by free agents or friends you have served with in the past.

Whether it is a troop leader or a soldier who takes orders, everyone has a task to take care of. This is the chance for your team to confront the best soldiers the world has to offer and show you worthy. SOCOM: Confrontations online capability on PLAYSTATION Network is supported by SOCOM.com - allowing you to manage your team online without your PS3 at hand - and will be backed up by regular downloads from PLAYSTATION Network, including new special forces characters, weapons and maps.

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