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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Xbox 360, Xbox One


Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

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  • Xbox One
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The story of Call of Duty - Black Ops II jumps between two periods, most of which will take place in 2025. The game is a direct sequel to the success of the second year of the game Call of Duty - Black Ops.

The second period is the late 80s, when the Cold War was coming to an end. The narrator of the story is Black Ops character Frank Woods, now an old man. So he didn?t even die at the end of Black Ops.
In the events of the 80s, players play the role of Alex Mason, the protagonist of Black Ops.
In the events of 2025, players will play the role of David Mason, the son of Alex Mason. The father-son relationship is also reflected in the story.
The plot of the game is based on a real-world opportunity, as China (according to Treyarch) currently has 95% of the world?s rare earth metals. Asiaa!
The game includes single player and multiplayer. As a new game mode, Strike Force.
Zombies are naturally involved
Multiplayer will run until 2025 and can be played in many different ways - as multiplayer director David Vonderhart put it: One size doesnt fit all.

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