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Madagaskar 2
Playstation 3
med fri frakt!

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Following the success of the 2005 blockbuster hit and #1 kid´s movie game Madagascar comes an all-new wacky adventure in the Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa Video Game. Based on the upcoming feature film from DreamWorks Animation, the four famous zoo animals - Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe and Gloria the Hippo - and their entire madcap Madagascar crew take players on a whole new action-packed journey to help save the African savannah. Assuming the roles of all their favorite characters, including those crafty penguins, players must work through 12 distinct levels featuring a variety of wild adventures and fun mini-games. In addition to the diverse single-player gameplay, the Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa Video Game delivers an enhanced multiplayer tournament mode allowing gamers to participate in outlandish competitions alongside or against friends and family.

* Relive all-new adventures from the movie and more - Players experience the hilarious antics, characters and environments from the film and discover all-new game exclusive adventures co-created by DreamWorks Animation and Activision.
* Play as all your favorite movie characters - Players rediscover each character´s unique abilities and combat skills, learning new and special moves along the way.
o Alex the Lion: Players utilize Alex´s strengths such as jumping, platforming and defending against enemies with his loud roar and mango throwing skills. They can also execute his special moves like zipping down vines and climbing poles and walls.
o Marty the Zebra: Marty´s ultra-fast speed and long jumping abilities help players outrun even the fastest enemy. Utilizing his powerful kick attacks, gamers can move objects and overcome adversaries.
o Melman the Giraffe: Melman possesses special healing powers, a hidden dancing prowess, the ability to target and fling objects at great distances and flying through the air helicopter-style.
o Gloria the Hippo: Not only can players use Gloria´s size to knock down enemies and clear areas when needed, they can also utilize her fantastic swimming and graceful high diving abilities.
o Those Crafty Penguins: Using their stealth and tenacity, the Penguins are best at allowing gamers to effectively outsmart humans. The Penguin´s craftiness is also useful for driving cars, fishing for food, launching projectiles and operating mechanical equipment.
o King Julian: King Julian lets players reach higher ground to fetch important objects that are impossible for the rest of the crew to reach and teaches players new abilities with his crazy showmanship. o Introducing Moto Moto the Hippo: An all new character in the film and the game, Moto Moto plays host to a number of different gameplay challenges and uses his smooth charm and abilities in the game´s rhythm based missions and activities.
* Adventure through 12 diverse action-packed levels - Players experience a wide range of fresh, exciting gameplay as they work through 12 distinct levels and numerous mini-games featuring a variety of quests that include swimming, driving, racing, playing soccer, safari photography and many other fun-filled adventures. Presented in a non-linear structure, each evolving level takes gamers on missions that offer platforming, exploration, collection and combat challenges.
* Experience unique new environments - The game features game exclusive environments including the Watering Hole, the African Jungle and Savannah, the Hippo Mud Pit, the Volcano, and an open area that´s been expanded for the game.
* New and expanded multiplayer tournament mode mini-games - Fans enjoy twice as many multiplayer mini-games than before as they team up to overcome enemies or challenge each other in the enhanced tournament mode. Players experience a host of diverse and original gameplay capabilities with friends and family including soccer, hot durian, dancing and racing, among many other wildly fun challenges.

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